In 2022 we're celebrating the 90th anniversary of the LEGO® Group.

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90 years of LEGO® play

LEGO® House as the lighthouse of the LEGO brand will celebrate 90 years of play from August 10 to October 2. LEGO fans of all ages are invited to the largest LEGO playground in the world! Play matters and the wonderful thing is that playing and learning always go hand in hand. We are filled to the brim with 25 million LEGO bricks, so all you have to do is bring your playful self.


History Collection

Take a deep dive into the History Collection to revisit your favourite childhood memories. Here you'll find hidden treasures from the past 90 years of LEGO play.



Play matters and in LEGO House you must explore all Experience Zones and playgrounds - each one of them have focus on the five core skills, that are supported through the transformative power of Learning through Play. ​


Masterpiece Gallery

For 90 years, children have explored the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick and many take their love of the brick with them into adulthood. In Masterpiece Gallery, you can experience some of the wildest LEGO masterpieces built by adult fans.


90th anniversary of the LEGO Group

August 10 - October 2, 2022

On August 10 it's the official World Play Day - a day to celebrate play. From August 10 to October 2, you can take part in celebrating 90 years of play at LEGO House. A giant LEGO built birthday cake celebrating the last 90 years of play will be on display. You can also go on a treasure hunt in World Explorer, build a piece of birthday cake in Creative Lab or create your own minifigure and splash it on the cover of this year's great birthday magazine.

The wildest cake recipe

Total baking time = 978 hours

How to...
Take 94,128 LEGO bricks and put them together, brick by brick. Add historical references from 90 years of LEGO play and creativity in nine different layers. Place the nine layers on top of each other and make it spin until the stories are brought to life and you can enjoy the sight of a giant LEGO birthday cake.

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